Opening Day Baseball 2011

Here we are, March 31st, 2011, sitting at The Aristocrat Pub & Restaurant watching a couple games for the beginning of what looks like will be an incredible season.

Currently we are watching the Detroit Tigers take on the New York Yankees in the Bronx. We also have the Cincinnati Reds game on as they take on the  Milwaukee Brewers in Cincinnati.

mda: Oh it is great to have baseball back.  No talk of player lockouts or any of that junk.  Baseball is in a good position right now and life couldn’t be better.  The Yankees are really looking good right now.  Sabathia with a decent outing and Texiera and Granderson each with monster homeruns.  The Brewers are lighting up the Reds with homeruns galore…I am sure that makes you happy, eh?

RBD: Indeed. Being a staunch St. Louis Cardinal fan, I have to say that seeing the Cincinnati Reds struggle isn’t a bad thing! That being said, I do love the game of baseball and can appreciate the fact that the NL Central is going to be a tough division. The Brewers are playing really well and are  making an already tough division even tougher. The Yankees are doing what they normally do, play good consistent baseball. There are really no bad players on the Yankee team, anybody at anytime can be the ‘hero’ of the game. They spread the love around. Baseball in that regard is a pretty democratic game, which makes it fun, fun, fun to watch!

mda: Yes sir.  The defensive plays in these two games have been top-notch!  I think that has been the most exciting part of the opening day for me so far.  So shall we make some predictions for the MLB Season?  I’ll start.  I have to go with my Yankees winning the AL East.  AL Central I think will go to the Twins.  AL West is a little more of a toss-up…I think the Oakland A’s will surprise the Rangers and beat them out.  Boston will finish up with the Wild Card.  NL West will go to the Giants once again.  NL Central will be crazy close between the Reds, Brewers and Cardnals but I have to think that LaRussa will put the Cards on top.  And my surprise pick will be the Braves over the Phillies in the NL East.  Phillies will have to live with the Wild Card.  World Series:  Yankees over the Giants in 6.  (sorry RBD, if Wainwright would not have gone down for the season, I think they would have made it).

RBD: Well, certainly losing Adam Wainwright hurt the Cardinals outlook this season, but I do think they will persevere. Predictions? OK, I got ’em. Starting the the NL West, I believe the Giants will once again take the division. The NL Central will be tough, tough, tough, but I do believe the Cardinals will surprise a bunch of people and take the division. The NL East is also going to be a tough place to play, but I agree that the Atlanta Braves, if they can stay healthy, will win. The Brewers in the NL Central will take the Wild Card. Yeah, I said it. Moving to the AL West, I’d like to think that the Angels will win that division, yeah. AL Central will be taken by the Twins. They have a new park, lots of talent and good energy. The AL East, will more than likely be the RAYS!! Yeah, the RAYS! The Yankees will get the Wild Card. I’ll have to predict the Cardinals making it all the way to the World Series where they will meet the Twins and win in 5. BAM!

mda: If either of us are right, the other must buy a 6-pack of the winner’s favorite beer.  Deal?

RBD: Dude if either of us are right, we should get some national attention, besides, just a 6-pack? Let’s make it interesting. How about  if either of us are correct, the other buys the beer throughout the World Series. Now THAT’s a bet! As we’ve been writing all of this, Mariano Riveria has entered the game. He’s 42 and easily a first ballot entrant into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He’s looking good so far!

mda: And Granderson with an amazing catch…his third of the game!  And your deal? That’s a deal.  If there are any patrons out there on the web-o-sphere who would like to purchase World Series tickets for us if the Yankees and/or Cardinals make the World Series, we will gladly accept your patronage.

RBD: Indeed, in fact ANY tickets anybody would like to buy us for any Yankee or Cardinal game, we’d take ’em! Now we’re moving on the St. Louis Cardinals game over in St. Louis as they take on the San Diego Padres. Should be a GREAT game! GO CARDINALS!!


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