And…We’re Back!

"Would I chuck this wood?" - Mr. W. Chuck

“Would I chuck this wood?” – Mr. W. Chuck

Hello. Remember us? Do we remember ourselves? Who are we? Is this real? How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

That’s right, we are trying this again. It has been over 1 year since you have heard from mda and RBD. We are still alive and kicking. Well I still kick, but RBD probably doesn’t kick as much as I do. I don’t really know why. So what should we write about? Baseball, music, books, kicking, beer, the Aristocrat, all of the above?

RBD: Well mda, it’s true we haven’t written for a long time, but not because we didn’t WANT to write. We haven’t written because we both are busy and are on different life trajectories. I think we should kick off 2013 with a slew of new blogs covering ALL of the topics stated above. Our first blog should be about the books/reading that we have been doing.

mda: Reading is fun and enjoyable and good food for the brain, in my humble opinion. I wish I had more time to read,

The book mda is trudging through these days

The book mda is trudging through these days

but work and other life experiences tend to get in the way. However, I still make time for reading whenever I get the chance. Lately I have been reading quite a few magazines as I purchased subscriptions to National Geographic and Smithsonian magazines on my iPAD. It certainly is fun reading those magazines. In addition, I keep up with a variety of cycling magazines because…you know…cycling has become a passion of mine for some reason. Other than that, I tend to stick to my ‘favorite author list’ and read – sometimes trudge – through their books. Currently I am enjoying Haruki Murakami’s magna-opus 1Q84. It is an impressive book and I still don’t know where the plot is going even 1/3 of the way through. How about you?

RBD: Well fancy pants has an iPad. Way to drop that in. So subtle you are. I too have some magazine subscriptions that I am working my way through. I subscribe to The Paris Review, and get the Audubon and Sierra Club Magazines. So far, I am 5 issues behind on the Paris Review (that translates to 16 months behind) but only a couple months behind on the Audubon and Sierra Club Magazines. I love reading and wish I had more discipline to read more often. There are a lot of distractions that sometimes keep me away god-delusionfrom my reading material, but I’ve been trying to change that this year. I currently am reading The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, and working my way through the Collected Works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I’m diggin’ the Sherlock Holmes stories! I plan on reading in 2013 biographies on Abraham Lincoln, Beethoven, and J.S. Bach. What is it about trudging through a book that is so rewarding?

mda: I do not know. Maybe it goes back to college days of learning new things and the enjoyment of accomplishing said ‘new information’ that feels so rewarding. Now that we are both out of academia (well, you still flirt with academia…I just stare longingly from afar) we find that thrill/reward of accomplishment through the trudging of a book. Or maybe we are all making it up. So I have never read any of the Sherlock Homes stories. What do you find so intriguing about them?

sherlockRBD: To be honest, the new show on the BBC called Sherlock is so good, I thought I should check out the original material. I did just that and I wasn’t disappointed at all! Most of the stories are quick reads which I can do easily during the day, or before I fall asleep. The new show on the BBC does an excellent adaptation of the stories. Some dialogue and speech patterns are taken word for word from the original stories!

Well, mda, what shall our next blog post topic be?

mda: I know what you mean about quick reads. Those are always fun. I have the complete works of Mark Twain and it is fun to just pick it up every once in a while and read a few pages. More blogs….well it’s almost baseball season. We could start our preseason predictions. By the way, April 1 you are required to join me at the Crat for opening day. Yankees play at 1pm. I’m taking the day off. Or we could discuss the difficulties the ISO had last year.

RBD: Let’s blog about baseball next, then after we hear a great ISO concert tonight, we can blog about the ISO woes over the past 6 months. By the way, you have a date on April 1st mda! Surprise, it’s me!! See you at the Crat.

mda: I’ll make sure to wear pants on that day…


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