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Expanding on the Jazz vs. Classical Worlds

Duke Ellington

Ludwig von Beethoven


I hope the title above doesn’t sound contentious. I truly don’t believe that there is a battle between the jazz and classical worlds. However, I believe that many musicians do believe that one must make a choice between playing jazz or classical.

Let’s make it very clear here that playing jazz and classical well takes years of practice and devotion. One is not easier than the other and just because a musician can play jazz doesn’t mean they can also play classical and vice-verse. I have one foot firmly placed in the jazz world (I do have a Masters degree in Jazz Studies) and my other foot firmly placed in the classical world (I sub quite often in the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra) and I work hard maintaining a high playing level in both fields and I never take that for granted.

As I have been traveling down both paths, the more I realize how similar the paths are. When I think about how I want to play jazz, this is what I think about:

1. Playing with a good sound (ALWAYS!!)
2. Playing with good time
3. Playing stylistically correct
4. Playing with good technique
5. Playing with good and clear articulations
6. Playing with a studied knowledge of the music
7. Being a nice person to those around me (so I get hired again!)

The above list are the exact points I think about when I’m playing classical music! So, yes, there are differences between jazz and classical styles, but there are more similarities and those similarities are what I have been working on. And that work has paid off. I do several gigs a month with one of my various jazz groups (Standard(ish) Jazz Trio, Trombononymous, Elevator Up!) and I have won a bass trombone position with the Sinfonia da Camera orchestra in Urbana Illinois.

In future blogs, I will go into detail of what I am practicing for each classical, jazz, bass trombone and tenor trombone. These topics can be useful to musicians on any instrument that want to make themselves as marketable as possible to work as much as possible in these hard economic times.


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Welcome to Renaissance Brothers Blog

Hi, my name is Rich Dole…

and I’m Matthew Altizer…

…and we are in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Crossroads of America.  Just another place in the world to find and discuss great artistic ventures happening right in your neighborhood! This is not JUST about Indianapolis, but this will focus on the Art World in General! Let us know what YOU are doing to promote and hear/view the Fine Arts in Your Community!

Together we will begin and/or continue artistic discussions of all kinds and varieties on this BLOG! We will discuss many things, including:

  • the state of the arts today
  • How to introduce the General Public to Chamber Music
  • Bringing Chamber Music to Non-Traditional Venues
  • Reviews of Recitals, Concerts, Shows, Exhibitions and the like (you can add to this too!)
  • Discussions on the Classics! (and the New Classics!)
  • Baseball, whether it relates to the Arts of NOT! (It’s baseball…)
  • And whatever else piques our interest…IT’S OUR BLOG BABY!!!
  • Want to contribute? Comment or send us an email: chamber.indy@gmail.com

Welcome, thank you, enjoy and good luck! We plan on having fun, hope you’ll join us!!

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