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A Concert From Last Night

So last night I went to the symphony orchestra concert.  It was certainly a nice program with Beethoven Symphony 8 and Beethoven Symphony 9.  A night of Beethoven…what could be better?  I mainly just want to touch on a few aspects of the night and leave it at that.  It will be a short post.

1. The tempo a conductor chooses is very important and really can make or break the performance by the musicians.

2. Soprano Sara Jakubiak and Tenor Sean Panikkar both have extremely strong voices and were quite impressive.  Best part of the night was certainly each of their performances.  The future is bright when there are vocalists out there like these two!

3. Just because it is a popular piece and there are a lot of people on the stage (orchestra, soloists and choir) does not mean the performance deserves a standing ovation and about five callbacks.  I know this has been a discussion RBD and I have had many times in the past and maybe we should revisit the discussion once again.  It could start by reminding everyone what a standing ovation is meant to signify.



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